Teacher CPD

INTO Learning supports both trade union officer training and teacher professional development. INTO Learning provide year round professional development support to teachers. These supports include:

  • Autumn/Spring Programmes
  • CPD Packages for whole school/staff development
  • Summer Programmes


CPD Packages

Croke Park hour CPD packages are self-contained whole-school professional development and training packages. They aim to support principals and teachers who wish to use school Croke Park hours to organise and facilitate whole school professional development.  Each package has three main components as follows:

  • Online CPD Session
  • Resource Folder
  • Guiding instructions for session facilitator (staff member)

The online CPD session is a virtual audio-visual presentation that incorporates opportunities for group discussion of package theme/content and activities to incorporate learning into school practice. The resource folder contains a copy of the online presentation as well as referenced materials. The contents are downloadable for printing and archiving purposes. A set of guiding instructions allows for a staff member to easily lead and facilitate the session.