INTO Learning

INTO Learning is the professional development and union training department/section of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO). It is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of teacher professional development and trade union training.

The key principles underpinning the work of INTO Learning are:

  1. Accessibility to programmes across the country
  2. Quality in the design and delivery guaranteed by monitoring and evaluation
  3. Accountability and cost effectiveness

In drawing up our professional development and training programmes for members  INTO Learning seeks to meet the identified needs in a constantly changing educational landscape. To ensure that our programmes are relevant to those professional needs practising teachers are engaged in the design the structure, content and methodologies of the courses.

INTO Learning does not work in isolation and consistently draws upon the experience and expertise of professionals from the wider education and trade union community. INTO Learning also offers a variety of collaborative opportunities including online course hosting and administration and training and support in online course context and design.