1916 Working As A Historian

INTO has developed an online history resource titled 1916: Working as an historian. This comprehensive resource pack aimed primarily at 5th and 6th class teachers contains engaging presentations, video, historic images and thematic resources. Most of the material comes with comprehensive teacher notes and pupil activity print-outs. Facilitating active learning methodologies, this learning resource provides a focus not only on the lead-up and 1916 itself, but also facilitates a focus on local events and research. Course Fee €25

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Trade Union Training

Strength in numbers and knowledge! Training for Branch and District Officers and supports for local Branch-based training for Staff Reps and members. Trade union training is essential for the development of a strong union and to ensure positive participation among the membership. INTO provides training on an annual basis for all INTO officers, including CEC Representatives; District and Branch Catharligh and Secretaries; Principal’s Fora officers; Staff Representative Tutors and a number of other courses.

INTO Staff Rep Online Support Course

INTO have developed a new support course for our Staff Reps. This course is delivered over 5 modules as follows:
1. Staff Rep Role and Responsibility
2. INTO Structures and Communications
3. Understanding Teacher Terms and Conditions
4. Managing Workplace Relationship Difficulties
5. Supporting a new teacher through probation.
For further details please contact tut@into.ie Note: All INTO Staff Reps must complete the course by 31st March to be entitled to a free online summer course.

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